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Safety & Quality

"Nous avons une super ligne et vous en remercions. Tous ceux qui l'ont testé sont ravis, petits, gros, jeunes, moins jeunes (82 ans pour le papa de R.), sportifs, non sportifs ... tous unanimes !"

Bol d’Air Aventure


During the past 25 years Ecoline’s team has participated in the construction of several treetop rope courses in Europe as well as in Australia. Ecoline is the leader in rollercoaster zip lines and owns the patent to the successful EcoZip® system with construction sites in all parts of the world. The company holds the experience and qualifications required by most international standards. The company and its staff are proud to have a limited impact on the environment and on other users. No changes are made to the landscape. Our products are designed so they adapt to the land and are sympathetic to the site.

Our partnership ethos is to be transparent, flexible and to collaborate across all aspects of the project. The Ecoline project team has worked together on a number of successful partner-led projects, we are flexible and absolutely committed to the best possible solution that balances the commercial reality with the site opportunity.

To ensure a sustainable adventure and provide partner returns, we develop a set of guiding principles that minimise the impact on the environment and maximise the thrill and adventure. However, we don’t just want to meet these expectations. We look at each project demands with a level of innovation and ‘WOW’ factor that Ecoline based on experience is perfectly positioned, to deliver.

We work hard to ensure that there is no impact on third parties; we use the safest systems and our designs maximise the potential of the proposed site while working within applied constraints.

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