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Ropes Course

Ecoline is one of Australia’s leading bespoke designer/builder/operator of high ropes courses. We constantly develop and innovate to be a step ahead in our industry.

We have a passion for adventure activities and tourism and we partner with the tourism and outdoor industry to foster an ‘adventure’ culture in Australian tourism.


For children's rope courses, we use a continuous belay safety system designed in Australia by Ecoline, allowing children as young as 3 years old to enjoy the thrill of flying foxes. The children cannot detach themselves unintentionally; they are securely attached to the safety system from start to finish. They can use Flying Fox without the help of an adult.


For our junior and adult courses we use a different Continuous Belay System called COUDOU. Participants attach themselves to a safety line called the 'span line' using a carabineer attached to their harness. The carabineer is always safely secured to the span line and slides on the safety line. This system allows to change path.

This is a product where the user stays completely in charge of his progression in total safety.

The Coudou carabineer prevents people accidentally removing their carabineer from the 'span line'. 

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