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Rollercoaster zip line

Ecoline’s Rollercoaster Zip Line: EcoZip®

EcoZip® is a patented system that allows a new type of zip line taking the experience to a new level: rollercoaster zip line. With its distinctive patented design, the sustainable use of the location and the awe-inspiring experience, this exciting new attraction is sure to create a buzz.

It is our aim to create unique adventures that get people thrilled, attracting international/interstate visitors who will rave about their exhilarating experience.

The EcoZip® is suitable for tree-based adventures as well as on pole, in the natural environment as well as indoors. Construction is custom made to suit each site. We are eco-certified and pride ourselves in the minimal impact we have on the environment while maximising the number of people we can bring to the site.

The innovative zip line provides the combined sensations of the suspense of a rollercoaster with the thrill of flying on a zip line.

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