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Personal Protective Equipment

Ecoline specialises in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) adapted to adventure parks. We are the exclusive importer of the fall arrest system Rodeostop, in addition we also supply the Coudou Continuous Belay System, harnesses, helmets, lanyards and ropes. 

Ecoline is a highly experienced and skilled operation that offers world-first technology in safety, environment and experience. We use the best of European and Australian Technology. We are a multi award winner with an established brand. Safety is our number one priority and crucial in our business. We regularly update and improve our safety systems and introduce the latest technology to all our sites.


Coudou Pro Zaza2 is one of the best continuous belay system ensuring total safety on all existing routes, giving the operator of adventure parks and high rope courses (in normal use) peace of mind. It prevents disconnecting from the lifeline and potential falls. 

This is a product where the user stays completely in charge of his progression in total safety.


Ecoline’s unique and innovative design, Ecotrack is used as a continuous belay system for rope courses for children and/or adults. The continuous belay safety system allows children as young as 3 years old to enjoy the thrill of flying foxes. The children cannot detach themselves unintentionally; they are securely attached to the safety system from start to finish.



EcoGlider is a pulley that allows you to slide on almost any cable. With innovative polyurethane wheels, noise pollution is reduced by 60%, as well as cable damage. This means the cable life is extended, thereby avoiding waste and landfill. This is not a safety device as people are still secured with their carabineers.

CAB Pulley - Rodeostop

Rodeostop is an automatic fall arrest system. The device is made of a 2-way pulley with an automatic blocking system in case of a fall. One end is connected to the user and the other end has a counterweight.

Rodeostop stops the rope in the 2 directions of rotation. It is also equipped with a device that absorbs the energy generated during a fall by deformation of the anchoring device situated in its superior part.

It is the best fall arrest system for climbing a ladder.

Ecoline use their expertise to select the best PPE for all adventure requirements: harnesses, helmets, safety system/pulley, carabineer, pulleys, ropes, rescue bags including No-Worries.

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