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Ecoline leads the way in developing ways to protect the environment. Our philosophy is structured around designing and tailoring our products to suit the environment and the specified site. In this process no trees are damaged or cut.

As a sustainable business we focus on the protection of the natural environment at all stages; design, construction and operation. Our business is built on the long-term health of the forest and we respect our natural playground.

  • We do not drill through the trees to build our platforms.
  • Our structures are designed to allow trees to grow free of restriction.
  • Courses and pathways are sited in areas with a low abundance of native shrubs and groundcovers.
  • Using the latest in technology an independent arborist monitors the health of trees used in any of our products.
  • The quality and colours of materials are chosen to integrate into the natural surrounds.
  • Interpretive signage encourages a better understanding and knowledge of the forest, therefore enhancing the protection and development of this environment.

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